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Why You Should be Treating Depression and Anxiety with Funamizu-Style Teishin Acupuncture

According to over 40 million adults, in just America experience persistent, intermediate and reoccurring symptoms of depression and anxiety. Perhaps, you are not surprised at this figure, as you might experience or care for someone with anxiety and depression. Therefore, when we consider this scarily high figure, it’s understandable why people seek help, like medication to cope with their symptoms.

Moreover, as depression and anxiety are known to have significant, and at times, severe effects on a person’s daily life. Generally, people seek help from their doctor or even mental health service. Now, treating depression and anxiety with medication, and therapies, like CBT, has become the “standard.” As a result, people who do not like medication, feel that this is the only option.

However, this isn’t the case, because there are several alternatives, natural and highly effective treatments, like acupuncture. Namely, funamizu-style teishin acupuncture, which is what we are going to be looking at in this blog. Acupuncture has generated more popularity with patients and medical professionals, as a form of treatment for mental health. Often, patients will just use acupuncture for depression and anxiety, combined with a lower dose of medication or psychotherapy session.

Please note, that this article is not medical advice, it is purely to provide you with more information on a natural, highly-beneficial alternative treatment. Western society has continued to use acupuncture for various reasons, from pain to overcoming addiction, and of course, to relieve depressive and anxiety symptoms. Although many of you are aware of this practice, acupuncture in itself has a rich history, dating back to ancient times.

How does it work?

Funamizu-style teishin acupuncture is a highly popular alternative to manage and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. This style of acupuncture is highly effective, as practitioners can use a small teishin needle or a rounded needle. The rounded needle is non-invasive, which is great for individuals who have a fear of needles, or children.

This style of acupuncture is gaining popularity, primarily because of the fact it’s non-invasive and pain-free. The same principle applies as needle-based acupuncture, in which, the practitioner will target areas to relieve pressure. Then, this pressure triggers the body to naturally release and produce more endorphins, which is a key factor in our moods.

Generally, this method is ideal for any person who is experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Although, it has to be said that funamizu-style teishin acupuncture is ideal for young children, teenagers and the elderly, besides those with needle phobias. Undoubtedly, the history and continuous popularity of all types of acupuncture, illustrate its effectiveness.

One of the factors that make this acupuncture therapy so beneficial, is that a trained practitioner like Kazuo Tateishi from Forest of Zen Wellness, can successfully treat areas that you didn’t even think existed. Moreover, the Forest of Zen Wellness has extensive experience in using acupuncture for depression and anxiety, as well as more severe disorders including OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and PTSD.

Acupuncture for depression and anxiety

As noted, medical practitioners, and the medical industry, in general, have started to recognize the effectiveness of this practice. Therefore, some research has been carried out, to discover if this acupuncture for anxiety and depression works. Although there is some evidence of its effectiveness, it has to be noted that research is still ongoing to investigate this area further.

Overall, it’s understandable as to why more people are seeking natural and better alternatives, as opposed to medication like anti-depression. The ongoing research, as a highlight by Healthline, is that acupuncture is being proven as a beneficial treatment option. For instance, once study, highlighted that the participants found acupuncture to be just as effective as antidepressants.

Likewise, in another study, the participants were receiving acupuncture along with their medication, and it was found that it reduced the side effects of anti-depressive medication. Therefore, if you feel stuck and are seeking an alternative treatment option, then why don’t you try funamizu-style teishin acupuncture, at a centre like the Forest of Zen Wellness? As it’s gentle and might be more effective than you thought.

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