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The Ultimate Guide to Teishin Needleless Acupuncture (What’s It Used for and Its Benefits)

The Ultimate Guide to Teishin Needleless Acupuncture

One of the primary reasons that individuals seek acupuncture therapy is a pain. Acupuncture, like many Asian therapy practices, has proven to be a successful and popular therapy in the Western world. In fact, acupuncture is now gaining recognition by many American, UK and Canadian medicine practice as being a valid alternative to treat common issues like stress, anxiety, chronic pain and even addictions, such as smoking. Perhaps, you know someone that has undergone acupuncture therapy before, but the thought of needles was very off-putting.

However, there are many forms of this therapy, including needleless acupuncture. Although needleless, traditionally known as Teishin Needleless acupuncture is not as well known, it has been used in China and many Asian countries, long before acupuncture was used with needles. Therefore, if you have been researching acupuncture, but you are anxious about needles, then visiting a practice which offers Teishin Needleless Acupuncture in Vancouver is probably the best alternative. Therefore, if you would like to learn about where you can have needleless acupuncture in Vancouver, this ultimate guide will be beneficial.

In this guide, we will discuss the benefits and where you can find a reputable Teishin therapy practice in Vancouver.

What is Teishin Needleless Acupuncture?

Well, to begin let’s start by discussing the origin of the work Teishin. Teishin simply denotes a “needle-like” probe or instrument, which doesn’t penetrate the skin. Thus, this ancient acupuncture therapy is beneficial for those who are anxious or fearful of needles. Commonly, when people picture acupuncture, one of the first things that comes to mind is the tiny needles, which are inserted all over the skin. Although Teishin, it a needle-like instrument, it is not essential for the needles to actually be inserted.

Did you know, that needless acupuncture has been practiced longer than needle-based acupuncture?

In fact, puncturing or inserting the skin started to become more widely used, and arguably fashionable in the 1600s. Acupuncture transformed due to the invention of steel needles and has been adopted as the most commonly used instrument of this therapy. Actually, needleless and needle-based acupuncture both have similar uses for treatments and benefits. Although in this ultimate needleless acupuncture guide, we will only be focusing on Teishin therapy, many acupuncture practitioners in Vancouver tend to offer both services. If you want to find your nearest practice that offers needless acupuncture in Vancouver, Kazuo Tateishi from Forest of Zen is a knowledgeable practitioner of this ancient practice.

What is the purpose of Teishin Needleless Acupuncture?

Granting, Teishin has a rich history; it is difficult to identify when the exact date or origin of their roots. However, one thing that has remained constant is the primary purpose of this treatment, which is to protect and heal the “Three Treasures.”

1. Qi – Defend and nourish the energies of the organs

2. Jing – Store the essence and source of vitality

3. Shen – Encourage intelligence and awareness.

While the above “three treasures” may seem spiritual, the overall goal of needless acupuncture is for the practitioner to provide an alternative, healing benefits for an abundance of ailments. Throughout the year, acupuncturists have adjusted and developed their practice to provide spiritual and physical healing benefits to those who seek their help. Arguably, the primary aim is for the acupuncturist to locate and manipulate the necessary acupoints on the body. In the next part of this guide, we are going to discuss, what a Teishin needle is along with the benefits that you can gain from Teishin needleless acupuncture therapy.

The Ultimate Guide to Teishin Needleless AcupunctureWhat instruments are used in needless acupuncture?

Nowadays, there are many variations of the traditional Teishin needle. Generally, this instrument is a small sized healing instrument with a flat edge and is made from precious materials such as jade, silver or gold. Traditionally, in ancient China shamanic healer began using precious smooth stones, before the invention of the needle. Teishin needles are similarly sized to acupuncture needles but with one key difference, the round edge.

This tool is what makes Teishin highly beneficial for those with needle phobias and children. The Teishin tool works to produce ionic effects in the patient’s body to manipulate and relieve pressure from the muscle layers and fascia. As mentioned, when the correct acupoints are located, the Teishin tools can provide positive, energetic changes to specific regions of the body. Thus, besides the obvious advantage of needless acupuncture, Teishin can provide an abundance of benefits.

What are the benefits of Teishin therapy?

As mentioned, Teishin therapy can be used to implement a balance of the energy patterns in the body. If you would like to learn more about how you can rebalance your energies, Kazuo Tateishi will be happy to discuss the most appropriate needleless therapy, along with the respective benefits. Now, to get back to the health and spiritual benefits of Teishin therapy. Similar to acupuncture, needless therapy, works to restore the imbalances, which are contributing to health conditions and issues. Thus, the effectiveness of Teishin and acupuncture therapy is one of the primary reasons that modern medicine recognizes it as an effective complementary therapy.

Kazuo Tateishi, explains that needless acupuncture is a slower, gradual healing process; it is just as effective as needle-based acupuncture. We have listed the top eight benefits of Teishin therapy.

1. Sleep Issues: needless acupuncture therapy can provide relief from sleep disturbances and insomnia.

2. Muscular and neurological disorders: relieve chest pains, headaches, facial tics, frozen shoulder, neck pain, tendonitis, tennis elbow, lower back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, and many more.

3. Digestive disorders: constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, hyperacidity and spastic colon.

4. Respiratory Issues: recurrent chest infections, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and sore throats.

5. Improve Concentration: rebalance your focus, increase short-term memory and decisiveness

6. Limit the frequency of headaches

7. Relieve facial pain, reduce ringing in the ears caused by chewing or yawning.


The Bottom Line

We would like to end this ultimate guide, by addressing one of the biggest misconceptions, which is that acupuncture can be painful and cause bleeding. However, when you have the assistance of effective, knowledgeable and reputable acupuncturists this will not happen. Thus, if you are looking at acupuncture as an alternative therapy, and you would like to learn more about Teishin needleless acupuncture in Vancouver, book your appointment today!


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