A word from our patients

“Kaz’s method is unlike any other acupuncture I have experienced before. It is very gentle and effective in ameliorating side effects and discomfort. Kaz is very professional and is extremely skilled in his practice. He almost has an intuitive approach and I felt that he was really in tune with the imbalances in my yin and yang energy. He really cares about his patients and has a calming presence which made me at ease during each session. I always look forward to a treatment from Kaz.


Before I turned 80 in July of 2017, any pain I experienced usually resolved within a day or two. Over the last few months I found my joints getting stiff and my G.P. told me it was "arthritis". After three acupuncture treatments which helped but did not totally relieve my pain, I went to see Kaz Tateishi. With his use of Toyohari (non-insertion Japanese needle therapy), my pain is considerably reduced and I am mostly back to my regular sleeping habits. For immediate pain relief, I highly recommend Kaz and his use of Toyohari.

Robert Eades

I started my weekly treatments with Kaz in May 2018. I am happy to report that my hypothyroidism symptoms that were making daily life challenging have gone away. I so happy to have more energy and no more cold feet.

Carole Esterer

Since working with Kaz I’ve noticed such a difference in my overall sense of wellbeing. After his treatments I feel relaxed, balanced and energized. I sleep better and have less body pain. Kaz is kind, supportive and talented. I have seen many acupuncturists over the years and would highly recommend seeing him.

Michele McCabe

After beginning to experience more fatigue, especially after a long day at work, and more joint pain from lifting weights at the gym, I decided to make an appointment to see Kaz. He checked my pulse, and accordingly, used Japanese style acupuncture. After about two sessions, I noticed a significant difference.   

John Lai