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Toyohari Needleless Acupuncture

Toyohari Needleless Acupuncture

One-of-a-kind Acupuncture Style is Based on Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Since 2014, Forest of Zen Wellness has been the preferred name in Japanese Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Vancouver, BC. Headed by Kazuo Tateishi, registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Forest of Zen Wellness constantly strives to improve and expand upon its service offerings to serve its clientele.

Today, Kazuo and the team are excited to add “Toyohari Needleless Acupuncture Therapy” to its broad service list in Vancouver, Canada. This unique form of acupuncture has helped many of our clients enjoy lasting relief from chronic pain, stress disorders, gynecological issues, digestive problems, allergies, emotional turmoil, and much more.

Who can try Toyohari Needleless Acupuncture Therapy?

This specific form of acupuncture is perfect for all ages, from infants to senior citizens in Vancouver, Canada. The therapy’s therapeutic effects last far longer than other “similar” forms of treatment, healing the entire body instead of just relieving pain.

What is Toyohari?

This one-of-a-kind acupuncture style is based on traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques, developed mainly by blind practitioners in Japan. Toyohari focuses on using the healing power of “touch,” focusing on subtle palpitations in the wrist and throughout the body.

Does it hurt?

Toyohari is particularly popular among patients who are afraid of (or sensitive to) traditional acupuncture needles. Kazuo’s unique approach to the age-old art of acupuncture has shown impressive effectiveness in addressing psychological and emotional disorders like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Toyohari Needleless Acupuncture Therapy was developed in Japan to offer patients a gentle, non-invasive, and virtually painless approach to acupuncture. The secret lies in close collaboration between the practitioner and the patient, working together to ease a wide range of ailments.

Step #1: The Root Treatment.

We’ll begin by addressing any prevalent imbalances in your internal organ functionality. Optimal organ functionality is key to the smooth flow of bodily energy and normal physiological activity.

Step #2: The Branch Treatment.

Once the “foundations” are in place, we can find ways to deliver lasting relief for your symptoms, be it headaches, insomnia, back pain, or something else. Our unique process and sophisticated techniques have shown incredible results, leveraging the human body’s intrinsic ability to heal on its own.

Currently, Forest of Zen Wellness is one of just two practitioners offering Toyohari Needleless Acupuncture Therapy in Vancouver. As your preferred holistic health clinic in the city, we fuse traditional Japanese acupuncture with contemporary techniques to laser-target and heal the root cause(s) of your pain. To book your first appointment and start the journey into a more fulfilling, pain-free life, reach out to our team today.

Meet Kazuo Tateishi - Japanese Acupuncture Specialist

Our toyohari treatment costs

  • Initial Toyoyari Acupuncture
    For your first visit or if it has been more than 3 months since your last visit$150
  • Subsequent Acupuncture
    For follow-up appointments$100

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