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Can Teishin Acupuncture Cure Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Acupuncture, in general, has started to gain the much deserved recognition in the world of medicine. Moreover, this alternative treatment has been investigated for years. However, in the past ten years alone, more studies have been conducted to see if acupuncture is an effective way to treat illnesses like depression, anxiety, pain and carpal tunnel. Furthermore, Cochrane.org completed an investigation in December last year, to discuss the relationship of carpal tunnel and acupuncture as a sole and combined treatment option.

There’s no denying that carpal tunnel, when it has flared up is an uncomfortable, constant and at the time, dehabilitating – particularly with work. Fortunately, for individuals who are struggling to manage their carpal tunnel syndrome (CTP), there’s a better alternative. You no longer have to live with consistent, uncomfortable tingling or pain in your hand. This natural alternative is Teishin acupuncture. If you haven’t heard of this technique before, don’t worry as we’ll give you insight later in this article.

In all honesty, all types of acupuncture, can be highly effective in treating certain ailments. So, it’s understandable that more people are seeking help from their local acupuncturists, like Kazuo Tateishi from Forest of Zen Wellness. Thus, if you’re opposed to taking drugs, or over the counter pain relief, keep reading as we might have the solution that you need. We’re certain that you’ve heard or might even have had acupuncture before, but perhaps you’ve never thought of it as a way to treat and/or manage your illnesses.

Firstly, we cannot say that teishin acupuncture can cure carpal tunnel syndrome, as there still needs to be a lot more research. However, as a traditional practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, we can say that we have observed how teishin therapy has helped to alleviate, reduce and sometimes stop the symptoms of carpal tunnel. So, what is Teishin Acupuncture?

Well, teishin, if a form of acupuncture, but it has one key difference – it’s completely non-invasive. Although the practitioner will use a teishin needle, this instrument is blunt, soft and has been designed to relieve unnatural pressure (and even negative energy) from the body. Besides, the article mentioned above, a recent study published by Brain, also advocates for Teishin acupuncture as drug-free, non-invasive treatment option for various illnesses, namely, CTS.

It has to be said that many researchers are struggling with “how” acupuncture works, besides the most effective treatment method for the applicable illness. However, certain medical establishments like Massachusetts General Hospital, have started to conduct studies to analyze and measure the effectiveness. In 2018, the researchers from the hospital had 80 participants, who all suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Furthermore, this research highlighted positive results, because CTS differs from chronic pain disorders. Why? Well, carpal tunnel syndrome has been found to relate with measurable changes in the body, both physical and physiological. Most patients with carpal tunnel syndrome can tell when the illness is flaring up, as they will experience a physical “slow down” because the nerve impulses travelling through the wrists start to reduce. At the end of the treatment, those with genuine CTS reported having “improvements with their pain.”

The Bottom Line

Arguably, it seems that there is a new, drug-free and invasive solution to help manage and reduce carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, and that’s teishin acupuncture. Therefore, if you’re tired of taking pain relief, letting the symptoms impact your life, then why don’t you look for a nearby acupuncture and wellness centre like the Forest of Zen Wellness?

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