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4 Ways Needleless Acupuncture is Better and Friendlier for Patients

Most people, when asked to picture acupuncture, one image comes to mind – lots of small needles on someone’s skin. Yes, we’ve seen the images, and for those who have a phobia of the needle, it might mean that acupuncture is out of the question. Fortunately, it’s not! If you’ve wanted to experience the alternative traditional healing methods, namely acupuncture. However, the main thing that is offputting is the needles, there is another way. Introducing, needless acupuncture.

Although, at the start, we asked you to picture acupuncture. Originally, practitioners in ancient China, as well as most of Asia, didn’t use needles – as they weren’t around. Instead, they focused on the core healing principles, and used their hands and a small rounded object, often a healing stone, to provide their patients with relief. So, what we’re trying to explain is that this type of acupuncture has been around far longer than needle-based treatment.

If you’re now thinking, it’s not acupuncture without the needle – well, we’re sure that you’ll be happy to learn that this isn’t the case. For instance, Kazuo Tateishi from Forest of Zen Wellness is proficient in this practice and is always happy to guide parents and patients through their options. Now, we mentioned parents – yes, needless acupuncture is perfectly safe and beneficial for children too.

So, here are 4 way that needleless acupuncture is better, friendlier and more comfortable for patients.

First, we’d like to start by explaining that besides its rich history. Needless acupuncture is equally, if not more beneficial and effective as the “traditional” needle-based practice. How does it work?

Well, the practitioner will identify and selectively choose specific areas or pressure point on the body. For instance, if you’re the main issue is a pain (pain management), needless acupuncture will specifically block pain transmissions through the nerves and muscle fibres. Then, this technique will stimulate and enhance the body by releasing a natural pain killer, namely endorphins.

1. A great option for patients with a needle phobia

Generally, people assume the worst with any phobia, and it’s perfectly natural. There is a big misconception that needle-based acupuncture may cause excessive bleeding. However, this isn’t the case. Although it can happen, but it can (or might) occur when the patient is unhealthy. For this reason, most acupuncturists will not perform or will not recommend using needles if they have blood clot disorders or take blood-thinning medication. That being said, if we fear needles, it seems impossible to get past, which is why the needless option is brilliant. As it’s pain-free, non-invasive and highly effective.

2. A brilliant option for children (pediatric patients)

Nowadays, parents are looking for healthier, a non-medical alternative to help with their child’s development, sleeping habits, behaviour and even pain. As this procedure involves no needles, it’s brilliant for children, it not only provides the same benefit as “traditional acupuncture,” in which it improves the immune system. It is also is known to improve concentration, mood and behaviour, in adults and children alike.

3. Non-invasive, comfortable, yet highly effective

Similar to points one and two, the great appeal of needless acupuncture, is that – it’s needless. Therefore, the patient will not experience pain or discomfort (that might be caused by the traditional method*).

*The traditional acupuncture can be felt, but many people report that it feels like a persistent scratch. The needles are designed to relieve pressure, so generally, the practitioner will not apply unnecessary pain or pressure to the patient.

4. Hygienic

Similar to needle phobia, many people fear the passing of germs. However, needle-based acupuncture, if carried out by a registered, fully-trained and licensed professional like Kazuo Tateishi, then the procedure will be extremely hygienic and sterile. Although, some people might be off-put by the idea of germs being passed around, via the needle. So, this is another benefit, which adds to putting your mind at rest, as the instrument is rounded and cannot penetrate the skin.

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