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3 Unique Benefits of Japanese Acupuncture Compared to Other Acupuncture

Although, acupuncture is associated as a Chinese practice, there are several variations. In fact, acupuncture has been developed different across the Asian continent over the years. Nowadays, acupuncture is renowned for being a reputable, effective and popular alternative for people in the Westernised world. Acupuncture, including needleless, Chinese and Japanese (just to name a few), are starting to gain recognition as a beneficial alternative in medicine.

Acupuncture is finally being viewed by mainstream medicine as a valid and invaluable alternative, for treating ailments like chronic and pain. Instead of taking medication, those who undergo acupuncture therapy can allow their bodies to realign, restore and heal naturally. However, in this article, we want to discuss the three unique Japanese acupuncture benefits, compared to other acupuncture therapies. Why? Well, each therapy has its own benefit and healing property, and some acupuncture therapies may be the better alternative for you and your needs.

The three unique Japanese acupuncture benefits

In both traditional Chinese and Japanese acupuncture therapy, they share one primary goal, and that to restore any imbalances in the body. Moreover, they both are implemented to realign and heal any ailments, and diseases that are caused internally and external. However, there are key benefits of using Japanese acupuncture in Vancouver, rather than traditional Chinese therapy. The difference in the treatments, make Japanese acupuncture a better alternative when treating ailments such as trauma, injuries, pain, dirt, and germs.

Needles vs Needleless

As mentioned, acupuncture is a popular alternative to heal our bodies naturally. The main reason that people are put off by Chinese acupuncture is the needles. However, the great benefit of Japanese acupuncture is that there are needleless therapy options, traditionally known as Teishin. This needleless therapy can provide you with the same benefits as “normal” acupuncture, without the needles.


A common assumption and fear for some people are that illnesses can be transferred from needles. However, if you use a professional who provides acupuncture or Japanese acupuncture in Vancouver, the therapists are trained to use the needles once and are disposed at the end of the treatment. Although, it is generally safe and hygienic to have traditional acupuncture, following on from the above benefit. Japanese acupuncture does not require the insertion of the needle for the treatment. So, another key benefit is that you do not have to worry about hygiene with Japanese acupuncture.

No pain or discomfort

Following on from point one, needleless acupuncture doesn’t require insertion. So, you can reap the benefits of acupuncture, without feeling pain from the needle insertion. It’s a preferred alternative for many reasons, as it’s suitable for children. It’s an effective method to provide relief to those who suffer from chronic pain, like osteoarthritis. Japanese acupuncture promotes natural healing, by targeting areas of the body (or the entire body) to realign and restore balance. This therapy will give your body the optimum positive energy to have a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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